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As a member of ASLSC you will receive training of a high standard from our qualified coaches and lifeguards as well as having access to a range of training equipment. Not only will you develop your knowledge of and confidence in the beach environment, you will also become part of the family in this very sociable and friendly club.

Surf Life Saving Board Racing Surf Life Saving Board Racing

During the summer we primarily train on Aberystwyth North beach at least three times a week with plenty of opportunity to practice outside of these times for those more willing. Weather depending, we also organise training sessions in Borth and have competed in various competitions across Wales.

When the winter weather forces us inside, we train weekly in the Aberystwyth University Sports Centre Pool in order to maintain fitness and focus upon the equally important theory aspect of surf life saving.

Qualifications and Awards

ASLSC actively encourages all our members to work towards attaining the qualifications relevant to them. The main qualifications we want our members to work towards include those listed below.


Nipper boards

Nipper boards are for the aspiring surf life savers! Smaller and more durable, these boards are for Nippers to hone their skills before moving up to using a racing board.

Racing/Malibu boards

These are used in races that invovle paddling out through the surf, around a series of buoys and back again.

Rescue boards

Rescue boards are used by lifeguards on patrol. They are larger and more stable than racing boards.

Surf skis

A surf ski is a long, narrow, lightweight kayak with an open (sit-on-top) cockpit and a foot pedal controlled rudder. In competitions, competitors will race against each other from the beach, around a course and back again. Surf skis require a lot of balance!

Beach flags

Beach flags are used to practice beach sprinting and reflexes. A series of flags are set upright in the sand and competitors lie facing away (and face down) approximatley 20 metres away. On the whistle, competitors race to the flags and try to grab one. The difficulty in the sport is that there are always fewer flags than there are competitors. The competitors who do not manage to capture a flag are eliminated. The flags are reset, and the game continues until there is one person remaining - the winner.

Life saving drills

Training covers lifeguarding, surf rescues and first aid. No matter what the weather, ASLSC ensure all our members understand the risks and dangers of the beach environment.


Not only does swimming help to keep our members fit, it is also an integral part of surf life saving. Our members learn to feel at ease swimming in the sea and are trained to swim with a casualty using various life saving strokes.


Running on the beach is one of the hardest tasks for new lifeguards because the sand (or shingle in our case) tends to give underfoot. However, it is a great work out because the sand is soft and easy on the joints. Our members practice both beach sprints and longer, endurance runs to maintain their fitness.

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Know the flags

Surf Life Saving Board Racing
Surf Life Saving Board Racing Surf Life Saving Board Racing Surf Life Saving Board Racing Surf Life Saving Board Racing