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Saving lives, first aid, basic life support
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Beach lifesaver level 1

The Beach lifesaver level 1 provides basic training to allow you to act as safety assistance during SLSA Wales accredited activities or assist with a beach patrol. It is also required if you wish enter SLSA Wales competitions.


Course Units

Module 1 – Theory

Introduction to surf life saving, emergency aid techniques and communication techniques.


Module 2. Pool Based

The candidate will demonstrate a 200 metre swim in a pool within a maximum permitted time of 5 minutes.


Module 3. Beach Based. 

Swimming and running based fitness skills in a surf environment, craft preparation and maintenance, and demonstrate the use of a Malibu Board.

Fitness requirements for examination

Swim 200m in a 25m pool (8 lengths) in 5 minutes or less.


Minimum age of candidate

12 years


Award Duration

3 years





Assessment Fee